Thursday, July 7, 2016

What's new in Nutmeg's Kitchens?

Announcing Nutmeg Kitchens Handcrafted Seasonings!

Nutmeg Kitchens Handcrafted Seasonings is the newest offering from my kitchen to yours. These seasoning blends are a result of my playing with my favorite flavors. Why should I purchase a seasoning blend or a rub when I could very well make my own? After gifting my first blend, Magic Mediterranean, to a number of friends, I was overwhelmed with questions about when it would be available for purchase. My second medley, Chipotle-Brown Sugar Rub, has met with similar responses. Lemon-Ginger Warmth and Orange-Sage Warmth complete the quartet of Nutmeg Kitchens Handcrafted Seasonings. All blends are made with Pacific Blue™ kosher sea salt and only organic herbs and spices.

I have worked for many months to create the perfect combination of flavors in my blends and have developed recipes that will hopefully jump start the imaginations of those who purchase them.  I hold a San Mateo County Cottage Food Operator permit and will soon begin selling directly to the public and at farmer's markets in the Mid Peninsula area. 

If you are interested in helping me realize my dream, please visit my Go Fund Me page:

What to do with Nutmeg Kitchens Handcrafted Seasonings?

I use Magic Mediterranean Blend in just about everything, from scrambled eggs to vinaigrettes to roasted vegetables. It's especially good on well-marbled, grass-fed Rib Eye steak, grilled to succulent perfection. Fennel seed, cumin seed, ground sumac and cloves give this blend a distinctive aroma and taste. A ramekin of the blend is always next to my stove, ready to add magic to whatever I'm cooking.

Steaks with Magic Mediterranean Blend waiting for the grill

Ian’s Fire Blend – A force to be reckoned with, just like the young man for whom it is named. Ancho chiles, smoked paprika, red pepper flakes and cayenne lay a spicy foundation for cumin, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, nutmeg and cinnamon to bring balance, sweetness and depth of flavor to this special blend. Use Ian’s Fire in place of packaged taco seasoning for all your South of the Border cooking, but don’t stop there. Be inspired and let your culinary imagination run wild. Ian would like that!

Chipotle-Brown Sugar Rub 

In addition to the two titular ingredients, this mélange of sea salt, ginger, cumin, cinnamon, garlic powder and black pepper is perfect on any grilled meat, especially pork. But why stop there? Toss popcorn with Chipotle-Brown Sugar Rub and butter for an unforgettable movie night treat.

Aloha Java Blend – This blend marries Hawaiian alaea red salt and organic coffee with kosher sea salt, ginger, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, Sichuan peppercorns and smoked paprika.  It’s a spicy, smoky taste of the islands that adds both heat and sweetness to grilled or roasted fish, pork, beef or chicken, or anything else you want to play with. Lei and palm tree optional!

But these are just my suggestions. As a curious cook, I encourage you to play with Handcrafted Seasonings in your everyday preparations and discover your own way to add spice to your meal.

I look forward to bringing spice to as many kitchens as I can!

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